What’s Captagon? And What are the Risks of the Extremely Addictive Substance?

Is there one other drug disaster occurring? Captagon, a part of the amphetamine household, is supposedly dominating the middle-east. The opioid disaster continues to be rife within the US, and now there appears to be one other scenario within the middle-east involving captagon. Like with all drug crises’, step one is a requirement for the substance. Nevertheless, the second it turns into an issue is when the drug in query takes greater than it offers.

As an example, opioids had been believed to be innocent painkillers, till it was quickly revealed that their addictive properties had been simply as excessive as heroin. Captagon started as an amphetamine that handled focus, despair and application, however has now probably change into a drug used to provide militant Syrians the flexibility to endure warfare. Let’s take a deeper look into the substance that’s captagon. 

Medication are assorted, advanced, and might be harnessed for a lot of totally different makes use of – not all of them good or enlightening. The captagon conditions seems to be a bit grim, however solely time will inform how problematic this drug will change into. Greatest stick with cannabis and derivatives. To be taught extra about marijuana, and for unique offers on vapes, edibles, tinctures, and different merchandise, be certain to subscribe to The THC Weekly E-newsletter. We’ve additionally acquired nice provides for cannabinoids, like HHC-O, Delta 8, Delta 9 THC, Delta-10 THC, THCO, THCV, THCP & HHC which you could find in our “Greatest-of” lists!

What’s Captagon?

Captagon is a extra frequent title for a substance referred to as fenethylline. It has additionally been labelled because the ‘terrorist drug’ and the ‘drug of Jihad’. Nevertheless, earlier than this drug grew to become caught up in politics and warfare, it had a special goal. The ACS writes:

“Fenethylline is a mix of the medicine amphetamine and theophylline. It was previously used to deal with circumstances akin to ADHD, narcolepsy, and despair; however its use has been banned due to the potential for abuse.”

Amphetamines are known as psychostimulant medicine as a result of they improve the speed of messages travelling from mind to physique. The substance triggers the internalisation of a glutamate transporter, which in flip, will increase the actions of those cells. This may result in the discharge of adrenaline and dopamine, in addition to elevated coronary heart price and blood strain. It’s these identical results that may additionally improve the addictive properties of amphetamines, which is why some are unlawful. As well as, amphetamines that improve energy, muscle energy or endurance are sometimes banned as a consequence of their performance-enhancing qualities. 

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The now-banned substance of captagon is thought to comprise a mix of amphetamines, caffeines and numerous fillers.

What Does Captagon Look Like?

Captagon normally is available in a white or brown powder. Nevertheless, this may be made right into a tablet or pill type. The presentation of captagon or fenethylline varies because the unlawful producers have been mixing different substances with captagon, aiming to seek out cheaper, extra addictive and stronger methods of making it. 

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In 2020, Italian police seized 14 tonnes of captagon that was supposedly produced by the Islamic State. 1 billion euros value of captagon capsules had been found on three container ships docked in Italian waters. ABC information writes:

“Police used electrical saws to chop by two-metre-high cylinders, made thick sufficient to attempt to elude customs’ scanning gadgets, to take away the capsules within the hole centres”

The Historical past of Captagon

Fenethylinne was first created in 1961. Again then, it was used and synthesised in an effort to deal with focus, despair and narcolepsy. Nevertheless, within the Eighties, the drug was banned after medical professionals determined that its addictiveness weighed greater than its advantages. The truth is, nearly each nation on this planet has illegalised the drug in 1986. Individuals who tried to wean themselves off – who had used captagon for lengthy durations of time – had been affected by excessive despair, sleep deprivation and blood vessel toxicity. Captagon appeared to be a forgotten drug till lately. The ACS additionally writes: 

“Fenethylline re-emerged this yr due to its widespread abuse by Center Jap younger adults. It’s promoted by terrorist teams such because the Islamic State to reinforce what they contemplate to be fascinating traits—aggressiveness, alertness, and fearlessness—of their recruits”


Gangs and teams from Bulgaria and Turkey are considered liable for introducing the substance to the Center East. Captagon then started to flourish in poorer and war-torn nations like Syria and Lebanon. Like every substance, captagon makes you are feeling a sure manner. Nevertheless, the medicine which can be usually banned or overused, are those which have a short-term useful impact. So, the query is: why has captagon come again round for use in the best way that it’s now?

How Does It Make you Really feel?

In a BBC documentary, the customers of captagon described how they felt after taking it. Right here’s what among the individuals needed to say about their expertise: 

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“There was no concern anymore after I took Captagon.”

 “I felt like I personal the world.”

“Like I’ve energy no person has.”

Plainly the customers of captagon are referring to the consequences of amphetamines that make you are feeling comfortable, alert and fewer anxious. Let’s check out among the optimistic and destructive results of the substance.

Optimistic Results

  • Enhance focus
  • Improved temper
  • Confidence
  • Awakeness
  • Talkative
  • Energised

Destructive Results

  • Respiration difficulties
  • Blurred imaginative and prescient
  • Aggression
  • Coronary heart palpitations 
  • Vertigo
  • Hallucinations
  • Muscle ache
  • Temper swings
  • Gastrointestinal signs

As you’ll be able to see, this substance is an ideal instance of a drug that has short-term advantages however in the end devastating long-term results. For first time takers, this substance may really feel like magic, however quickly the drug takes much less impact and your physique requires extra of it to be that very same authentic expertise. It turns into addictive and harmful, very like opioids. 

Captagon Earlier than & Now

It’s necessary to notice that the captagon that’s round now could be extraordinarily totally different from the identical substance of the 60s and 80s. Producers within the Center East are consistently looking for cheaper and stronger methods of creating this drug. Subsequently, what captagon really accommodates now, is nearly nothing like what it contained earlier than. The Nationwide Information writes:

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“Though stamped with the Captagon brand, these counterfeit capsules – usually white or yellowish brown in color – are a lot much less more likely to comprise fenethylline, the chemical first used within the authentic tablets. They’re as a substitute extra usually made up of a mixture of different amphetamine derivatives which can be simpler to provide, in addition to components akin to caffeine, quinine and paracetamol”

Who’s Shopping for Captagon?

The captagon disaster is going down primarily within the Center East. In keeping with the UN, nations which have recorded essentially the most Captagon seizures are Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Reviews have proven that these nations are utilizing captagon for 2 primary functions, and it’s these functions which have made the substance so well-liked. The primary goal is for aspiring college students throughout examination season, very like using adderall. The second, and fewer harmless goal, is for militants in Syria utilizing captagon to assist them struggle. 

College students

The VOA Information has reported that many rich college students in Saudi Arabia have been utilizing captagon, very like individuals use adderall, to assist with the strain of exams. The focus that captagon offers, in addition to the alert and awake results, helps with revision and work load. When you’ve ever handled the strain of examinations, you then’ll perceive that determined want for one thing that can assist you focus. Even when it’s an unlawful substance.


Captagon has been labelled the ‘Jihadi drug’ for a cause. Many individuals consider that ISIS militants, and plenty of concerned within the civil warfare in Syria, had been utilizing captagon as a manner to enhance confidence and morale within the troopers. Just like how the British Military rationed rum within the second world warfare, militants in Syria have been given captagon capsules to extend aggressiveness and focus. Nevertheless, different stories counsel that this hearsay of militant use of captagon has been elevated to trigger concern. The Guardian writes:

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“Fighters from a lot of the opponents within the battle – aside from al Qaida-linked teams, which largely maintain to a strict interpretation of Islamic regulation – are actually mentioned to be making intensive use of Captagon, usually on evening missions or throughout significantly gruelling battles”

Regardless of the reality is, captagon is a druk that – within the incorrect palms – has precipitated a serious disaster within the Center East.


Captagon or fenethylline is an amphetamine drug that has stood the check of time. No matter anybody believes, this substance has change into well-liked as a consequence of its short-term optimistic results. Nevertheless, not solely is it addictive, however it will possibly result in many long-term damages. Captagon is but once more one other instance of a substance that started as a medicine, and has now change into an addictive substance abused by sure teams.

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