Tafée Bowle Cleansing as well as Upkeep Overview


The Tafée Bowle is an awesome vape as well as cleansing it is dead simple. Whether you’re a light or hefty customer, our cleansing overview will certainly reveal you one of the most reliable means to obtain your Bowle back in immaculate problem.

Tafée Bowle Cleansing as well as Upkeep: What you require

Get these home things to start:

  • Scrubing alcohol
  • One Ziploc bag or mug for saturating (large sufficient to saturate stem)
  • One cotton bud (optional)

Tafée Bowle Cleaning and Maintenance Guide What You Need

Take it apart

The stem as well as its devices are the only items to deep tidy, so get the stem as well as eliminate the filthy pot as well as silicone mouth piece. Poke out the tiny steel display from the pot as well as eliminate the tiny o-ring situated under the lip. The mouth piece as well as o-ring do not require to be saturated, so established these apart in the meantime. If you make use of the drinkware, take it off as well as establish it apart to clean later on.

Tafée Bowle Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Disassembled

Time to saturate

Take your huge container or ziploc bag as well as load it with sufficient massaging alcohol to immerse each item. Toss the stem, pot, as well as display inside to saturate for a couple of hrs. Provide a couple of excellent drinks to loosen up any type of hard accumulation.

Tafée Bowle Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Soaking

The mug can be dealt with like any type of various other drinkware, so clean it by hand or toss it in the dish washer in the meanwhile. If your mouth piece is especially filthy, take a cotton bud dipped in massaging alcohol as well as swab out the within for a fast cleaning.

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Once the items are done taking in alcohol, wash them well as well as establish them bent on completely dry.

Look after the puck

The puck remains tidy because of the Bowle’s layout, yet you can offer it an excellent wipedown to maintain it great as well as fresh. Beware cleaning around the stove, nonetheless. The temperature level sensing unit exists simply over the steel display within, as well as can conveniently be knocked senseless of whack if you’re not mindful. Do not touch that display!

Tafée Bowle Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Puck

Placed it back with each other

When all the items behave as well as completely dry, it’s time to toss it back with each other. Take the display as well as location it back in all-time low of the pot, and afterwards slide the tiny red o-ring around it, right under the lip. Location the mouth piece back right into the stem as well as you’re prepared!

Tafée Bowle Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Assembled

Do not touch this display!

Tips for a cleaner vape

Much of your awful accumulation will certainly happen in the pot, yet you can regulate just how much as well as exactly how commonly you require to cleanse it. To maintain you up as well as running for longer, take the consisted of cleansing brush as well as clear out the pot as well as all-time low of the stem after each session.

Tafée Bowle Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

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