PAX Age Pro Full Individual Overview


The PAX Age Pro is making some sound with its glossy type as well as helpful functions. It could not be easier to utilize with its onboard controls as well as PAX’ Internet Application. It’s so straightforward, actually, that it does not call for much description, so we have actually integrated our common collection of posts right into one. From your very first session to cleansing, we have actually covered all the bases for you with this total individual overview. Allow’s enter it.

PAX Age Pro: Full Individual Overview

You’ll discover just 2 products when you get your brand-new PAX Age Pro.

Plug in your Age Pro vaporizer as well as allow it bill initially. The flowers will certainly brighten white as well as show its existing fee degree, as well as transform blue when it’s completely billed. A total fee will just take around 45 mins.

PAX Era Pro User Guide Charging

Very first points initially: find some PAX Pods

One of the most tough component of beginning with your brand-new PAX Age Pro is safeguarding the PAX Pods. To make certain items of the best, PAX maintains their husks as well as removes in the hands of licensed extractors as well as dispensaries just. Make Use Of the PAX Hull Locator to discover a certifying shop near you.

If you have actually obtained your hands on PAX husks currently, allow’s proceed as well as begin vaping.

Link the hull

As Soon As you have your hands on a PAX hull, it’s smooth cruising from there. Place the hull as well as press it in till it ‘clicks’. The flowers will certainly blink white as well as discolor to yellow, suggesting the existing temperature level. With PAXSmart husks, the flowers will certainly brighten white, and afterwards discolor to light blue as well as yellow to show the ExpertTemp setup.

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PAX Era Pro User Guide Connecting PAX Pod

Adjustment the temperature level

The PAX Age as well as Age Pro are just one of the only hull systems to consist of variable temperature level setups. The Age Pro features 4 predetermined temperature levels, suggested by the blinking yellow flowers.

1 light blue/yellow flower: ExpertTemp Setup
1 yellow flower: 520 ° F
2 yellow flowers: 610 ° F
3 yellow flowers: 700 ° F
4 yellow flowers: 790 ° F

To cycle via the temperature setups, raise the hull out simply sufficient to unclick it. After that, carefully return it till it blinks to see the existing temperature level. Totally putting it till it clicks isn’t needed to cycle via the temperature levels. Repeat this procedure, and afterwards click it back in when you have actually picked a temperature level.

We recommend beginning on the 3rd temperature level establishing for a solid, however well balanced session.

PAX Era Pro User Guide Changing Temperature

Make Use Of the PAX Application for great adjusting

The PAX Application as well as the most recent PAX Internet Application enable Age Pro customers to call in certain temperature levels to the solitary level, secure your gadget, as well as also regulate the dose.

Temperature level control

Much like when evaporating completely dry natural herbs, various temperature levels can produce various outcomes with the PAX Age Pro. Reduced temperatures supply even more savory vapor that’s mild on the throat as well as simple to take, while the greater temperature levels generate thick, powerful vapor. If you’re a light individual, reduced temperatures in between 500F as well as 650F are great locations to experiment with. Hefty customers will certainly delight in anything over 650F.

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PAX Era Pro User Guide PAX Web App Temperature Control

Dose Control

The dose control attribute guarantees you obtain the precise dosage whenever. You can pick in between one as well as 4 dosages, each being a several of a solitary dosage. The Age Pro will certainly remove vapor manufacturing as well as shake after you have actually struck your dosage restriction. Dosages correspond, also if you change the temperature level. Greater temperature levels will certainly produce the exact same dose, however in a much shorter quantity of time. Trying out this attribute as well as discover the excellent dosage control for you.

PAX Era Pro User Guide PAX Web App Dose Control

Change illumination as well as haptics

The PAX Application additionally enables you to transform the illumination as well as haptic comments setups. You can change the strength of every one or totally transform it off to conserve some power. Click the setups symbol in the top right-hand man edge to access the sliders for every setup as well as change them to your preference.

PAX Era Pro User Guide PAX Web App Brightness and Haptics Settings

Exactly how to cleanse your PAX Age Pro

PAX Age Pro batteries do not require a lot of interest for cleansing. Dirt out the hull port if you leave it out separated. If you resemble us, our Age Pro invests a great deal of its time inside a pocket or handbag. Take a while to clean the hull’s mouth piece as well as the USB port of any type of dust or dust that makes its method inside. Blow it out or take a tiny brush or toothepick to cleanse it.

PAX Era Pro User Guide Cleaning

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