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Love & LSD: A Information to a Romantic Acid Journey


There’s that factor, isn’t there? That every one encompassing feeling. The place you’re feeling heat inside, while additionally feeling full. All of your questions are answered, while extra are superbly requested. Generally it may be precisely what you’ve at all times dreamt of, and different occasions it may possibly really feel like the top of the world. Are we speaking about love or LSD? Who is aware of. Nicely, let’s mix each of them. Right now we’re going to information you thru the proper romantic acid journey and focus on why these two issues have such an intrinsic connection. 

Sixties USA

The Sixties within the US is sometimes called the summer time of affection and the flower energy years. Nevertheless, it was additionally a time of political and social unrest. However why? Nicely this decade was a time of nice change and experimentation, significantly within the realm of artwork, music, and tradition. There was a lot that birthed a robust counterculture. The Civil Rights motion was gaining in power however receiving a lot aggressive and violent backlash from the white institution.

The Vietnam battle was additionally in full power – a battle that many couldn’t perceive the aim of. Not solely that, however the disparity between wealthy and poor, and the disconnection between young and old was an indication of the divide in society. From the ashes of unrest got here many social and cultural actions that emerged throughout this time. They have been characterised by a rejection of conventional values and an embrace of different life and modes of expression. The Collector writes:

“A brand new id was born firstly of the counterculture motion within the late Sixties. This youth motion criticized consumerism, promoted peace, and yearned for individualism. The Sixties and ‘70s revolutionized popular culture and inspired social reform. This 20-year interval was a turning level in historical past that influenced future a long time, and nonetheless has an influence on the current day.”

This motion led to an inflow of rock music, just like the likes of Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. However the youth counterculture additionally started exploring medication in a brand new method. Hashish was flowing freely and, in fact, LSD was a brand new ointment. What might be a greater strategy to get away of the mildew and expertise life in a brand new method than taking acid? 

LSD & Love

On the middle of this motion was the usage of psychedelic medication, significantly LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), which was seen as a way of increasing consciousness and exploring new realms of expertise. LSD was first synthesized by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann in 1938, but it surely wasn’t till the Sixties that it grew to become broadly recognized and used as a software for non secular exploration and private transformation. Origins writes:

“The CIA experimented with LSD within the Nineteen Fifties for its potential use in psychological warfare… By the early Sixties, a number of main universities had begun to research the psychological results and well being advantages of LSD. Most famously, between 1961 and 1963, Harvard professors Dr. Timothy Leary and Dr. Richard Alpert… examined Acid for its therapeutic use.”

As extra of the world grew to become conscious of the substance, individuals started to appreciate its potential for different functions. The connection between love and LSD was a central theme of the counterculture motion. Many individuals who experimented with acid reported experiencing profound emotions of affection and interconnectedness, and noticed the drug as a way of breaking down the limitations that separated people from each other and from the pure world.

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The usage of LSD as a way of exploring love and consciousness was mirrored within the artwork and music of the period, significantly within the psychedelic rock music that emerged throughout the mid to late Sixties. Bands like The Beatles, The Grateful Lifeless, and Jimi Hendrix used the substance as a way of increasing their creativity and exploring new musical horizons, whereas their lyrics usually mirrored themes of affection, peace, and interconnectedness.


Now in fact we’re not within the 60s, as a substitute we’re present within the 2020s, which has its personal id. Right now, the usage of LSD and different psychedelics is being revisited by researchers and medical professionals as a possible software for treating quite a lot of psychological well being circumstances, together with melancholy, anxiousness, and habit. Nonetheless, that feeling that makes us really feel love and unity with one other individual continues to be there. That’s the reason the thought of taking hallucinogens with your beloved could be an unbelievable expertise. Like with any substance, acid must be utilized in the correct method, to threat any issues arising. So let’s undergo the well-required steps of how you can have the proper romantic acid journey. 

The Romantic Acid Journey

Earlier than we will start any LSD journey, we should first perceive how the substance works on the physique. It’s this that can inform how we go about creating the proper atmosphere for our romantic acid journey. 

The way it Works

LSD is a robust psychedelic drug that has the power to profoundly alter notion, temper, and cognition. LSD works by affecting the serotonin system within the mind, which is answerable for regulating temper, urge for food, and sleep, amongst different features. When LSD is ingested, it binds to serotonin receptors within the mind, significantly the 5-HT2A receptor, which is regarded as the first goal for its results. This binding results in a rise in serotonin exercise, which leads to a variety of altered perceptions and sensations.

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The results of acid can fluctuate broadly, relying on the dosage, the person’s temper and mindset, and the atmosphere by which the drug is taken. The results of the drug sometimes final for 6-12 hours, with the height of the expertise occurring between 2-4 hours after ingestion. Nevertheless, the drug can have longer-lasting results on temper and cognition, which might persist for a number of days and even weeks after use. Widespread results of LSD embrace:

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1 – Altered Notion

It could possibly trigger a profound distortion of the sense of time and house, resulting in a sense of timelessness or a way of the dissolution of boundaries between oneself and the world.

2 – Hallucinations

it may possibly trigger the notion of colors, shapes, and patterns that aren’t truly current, in addition to alterations in sound and music notion.

3 – Heightened Feelings

The substance can result in intense emotions of pleasure, love, and interconnectedness, in addition to concern, anxiousness, and paranoia.

4 – Modifications in Thought Patterns

Acid can result in a loosening of regular cognitive constraints, permitting for extra fluid and inventive considering, in addition to a bent in direction of associative and non-linear thought.

5 – Physiological Results

LSD could cause a variety of bodily results, together with dilated pupils, elevated coronary heart fee and blood strain, sweating, and tremors.

The Information

So we’ve established how acid works on the physique, and for the way lengthy, now we will begin planning our romantic acid journey. Love and acid are each highly effective forces however, when mixed, they’ll transfer to a complete different degree. Or, in fact, if executed incorrectly, they’ll open a world of despair. However don’t fear, that shouldn’t occur for those who comply with these steps. 

1 – Analysis 

In a way, you’ve already executed this half. However it’s at all times important to coach your self concerning the results of LSD, potential dangers and advantages, and how you can minimise hurt. Learn up on hurt discount strategies and finest practices for secure psychedelic use. Nobody needs to sound like Discuss to Frank, however the intention right here is to actually improve the advantages of this glorious substance. It would additionally provide you with confidence in your expertise. 

2 – Associate

Subsequent factor to do is to ask your self the final word query: is that this expertise proper for my companion and myself? This isn’t to present you doubts, it’s merely to focus on that acid shouldn’t be for everybody. Worst case situation you might have a barely disagreeable expertise, it’s not the top of the world, however that isn’t at all times good so as to add to the recollections of a relationship. Make sure you really feel comfy, acquainted, trusting and heat out of your companion earlier than partaking in one thing as intimate as this. This doesn’t imply you each must have tried it earlier than, but it surely means you each must depend on each other. You almost certainly received’t have a trip-sitter for this expertise, so that you’ll must act as one for one another at completely different factors within the journey. 

3 – Set

The following step is to think about you and your companion’s mindset. This implies each as a pair and individually. When taking acid, your unconscious can fairly simply grow to be your acutely aware, so any adverse ideas, worries or issues you might have can materialise themselves. This may be very therapeutic in a method, but it surely may also be fairly disagreeable. Just be sure you’re not overly offended, unhappy or harassed earlier than the expertise – or a minimum of not in a method that you simply don’t need to face throughout the journey. As mentioned, many individuals use LSD to face and sort out these ideas head on and it may possibly work a deal with. However this doesn’t imply that the journey received’t be robust. This is identical when interested by your shared mindset. Ideally taking acid ought to enhance your love between one another, however it may possibly additionally assist resolve points too. However, once more, that can solely work if each of you’re prepared. 

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4 – Setting

Then there’s the setting: the place that is all happening. For a romantic journey you’re going to need someplace that oozes love and heat for you each. This can be a seaside someplace, it might be a forest, it might merely be your lounge. Don’t decide your self – wherever you’re feeling probably the most comfy and secure together with your companion is the place for you. Atmosphere can be essential – select the correct music, the correct candles or lighting state and even some incense.

romantic acid trip

Your entire senses might be heightened. Additionally just remember to have quick access to meals, water and even a rest room and a shower, you by no means know while you would possibly want them. While many individuals love being amongst nature when on a visit, others desire the consolation of a settee and a mattress. Don’t decide yourselves, merely discover the place that you simply each really feel cosy. 

5 – Dosage

Should you’re considerably new to tripping – otherwise you’ve solely executed it a few times – begin with a low dose. This lets you check your sensitivity to the drug and assess its results in your physique and thoughts. Not solely that, but it surely provides you each the time to edge yourselves into it and never fully lose your self. Do not forget that LSD is a potent substance and its results can fluctuate broadly from individual to individual. Should you’re a bunch of psychonauts then, in fact, take as a lot as you’re feeling works for you. 

6 – Have Enjoyable

Final however in no way least, get pleasure from your self! Love and acid is a robust mixture and it may be made much more thrilling by having issues to do throughout a romantic acid journey. Play video games, watch films, run round, make love, possibly even focus on issues in your thoughts – no matter works for you. It is a no judgement zone and sustaining that’s essential. Should you each need to sit round sporting no garments and pretending to be pirates then so be it. When the journey involves an finish, and also you’re mendacity in one another’s arms, it is best to have a way that you simply’re nearer than you have been earlier than the journey began. That’s the fantastic thing about LSD and love.

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