EpicVape E-Nano: Tips and also Cleansing Overview


The EpicVape E-Nano log vaporizer leaves a lot of area for trying out, and also is fairly simple to grab and also begin making use of. We have actually invested a lot of time having fun with it, and also have actually located a handful of ideas for you to take the experience better.

EpicVape E-Nano Idea: Make Use Of the E-Pick

We go crazy concerning the flexible stems in our Complete E-Nano Evaluation, and also the E-Pick multitool is the crucial to its success. The majority of you possibly have a mix device useful, however this multitool gets rid of the uncertainty when readjusting the stem. It features 2 different standards for mid sized tons and also little microdoses. Place the device regarding it will certainly choose normal dosages, and also utilize the little notch concerning half an inch from all-time low for microdoses.

EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide E-Pick Multitool

Slow and also constant success the race

Convection vaporizers carry out at their ideal when the air has sufficient time to saturate with and also evaporate the tons. The E-Nano is no exemption, however fortunately, it can stay up to date with almost any kind of draw rate you toss at it. Each vaporizer has its very own wonderful area though, and also we located that the E-Nano’s lies within a tool, loosened up draw for the outright ideal vapor manufacturing.

When you take a difficult pull, you’ll feel your upper body tighten up as the resistance boosts. The prime draw rate rests right prior to any kind of upper body stress slips in, with a slower, a lot more loosened up feeling. We located this to function well with both little and also big dosages, however we urge you to explore it as you experiment with various tons dimensions.

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Just how to microdose

Reliable microdosing is just one of the E-Nano’s best functions, and also we very advise you try. You’ll intend to begin by readjusting the dish, so get hold of something like a chopstick and also press the display to the top of the stem. After that, utilize the E-Pick multitool to press the display down up until the side of the glass touches the initial little lip/notch on the device.

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EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide Adjusting Stem to Microdose Setting
Establish the dish to this little notch for microdoses.

Microdoses begin at around.02 grams of ground natural herb, and also it does not appear like a lot in any way. When tamped down right into the stem, it rests simply over the heating system without touching, and also is possibly one of the most you’ll have the ability to tons without singeing. If you do not have a range, merely fill up sufficient to cover all-time low of the display and also provide it a soft tamp. As long as the natural herbs aren’t touching the heating system, you’ll be excellent to go. Provide it a couple of brief sips, or essence whatever in one lengthy pull!

EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide Microdose, Showing the Gap between the Herbs and Heater
See to it there’s a void in between the natural herbs and also the heating system!

Just How to vape bigger dosages

If you’re not right into the tinier dosages, allow’s endeavor to the contrary end of the range and also fire up some bigger tons. We discussed excellent experiences with tons as large as a quarter gram, so we’ll aim for around there. With the glass stem, take your chopstick and also press the basket display down concerning an inch and also a fifty percent from the top, revealed listed below:

EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide Adjusting the Stem for Large Doses
Make Use Of the E-Pick Multitool as a recommendation!

Fill up the stem with sufficient natural herb to rest a little bit majority an inch from the top, and also provide it a soft tamp. It’s actually crucial not to tamp it down excessive with these bigger tons so the air has sufficient area to move uniformly with the product. These larger tons succeed with a couple of mixes in between, so we urge you to do so. Your natural herbs will certainly diminish as they prepare, and also you can press the basket display up as your session takes place, to maintain the natural herbs near the heating system.

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Attempt loading entire nuggets

The E-Nano’s capability to highlight the delicious attributes of your natural herbs must get on your listing of factors to order this vaporizer. You’ll experience terpene-rich benefits with ground product, however packing it up with entire nuggets is the method to go. You shed a great deal of priceless crystals when you grind, so reduce this procedure out for complete range, organic tastes.

With the stem readied to its normal tons dimension, take a tiny portion of product and also press it to the base. We desire the air to take a trip with the bud, and also not around it, so provide it a soft tamp to close the sides around it. We’re highlighting the taste right here, so anticipate yummy however slender vapor on the initial couple of hits. I’ll normally damage it up and also mix after 3 or 4 hits, which’s when the vapor manufacturing actually removes.

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EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide Loading a Whole Nugget

Get the gong accessory

Among the only grievances we have with the E-Nano is that it can really feel a little bit also warm on the throat when vaping at greater temperature levels. The Flexible GonG Accessory (pipes adapter) addresses this concern with water-cooled hits that settle the experience completely. If you do not have a glass gear to attach to, get hold of the Lengthy Flexible Stem rather to cool down the vapor down.

EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide GonG Attachments
EpicVape E-Nano 14mm and also 18mm GonG Add-ons

Just how to utilize focuses

As discussed in our EpicVape testimonial, this vaporizer does effectively with focuses. To assure the most effective experience, we advise a couple of devices:

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EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide Concentrate Setup
Products revealed: Glass Bubbler, POTV ONE Concentrate Insert, 14mm and also 18mm E-Nano GonG Add-ons

Change the basket display in the stem with the concentrate insert and also area a rice-grain dimension quantity of product onto the pad. Toss the heating system on and also take pleasure in!

EpicVape E-Nano Cleansing Overview

The EpicVape E-Nano may be the most convenient vaporizer to tidy and also preserve. With just a few actions from beginning to end, you’ll have your vape keeping up a fresh start in no time at all.

Soak and also brush

You’ll just require a couple of family products for this cleansing.

  • Massaging alcohol
  • A big zip-lock bag
  • A little brush

Considering That the majority of the activity happens inside the glass stems, deep cleansings call for absolutely nothing greater than saturating them for a couple of hrs. Eliminate the silicone holds and also placed the stems in a huge zip-lock bag of massaging alcohol. Provide it a couple of mild drinks, and also allow them rest for a couple of hrs. Rinse, completely dry, which’s it!

EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide Soaking Glass Stems in Zip-Lock Bag If you have a tendency to leave your vape on for the majority of the day, remaining little bits on the heating system or in the well might produce a sticky mess. Get involved in the practice of cleaning off the heating system and also discarding out any kind of little bits that came under the well after each session.EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide Brushing Off the Heater

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