Dr. Dabber Switch Over Testimonial – A Delight to Bit


The Dr. Dabber Switch over is a mobile, induction powered, concentrate vaporizer that makes swabbing enjoyable, simple and also secure. I have actually intended to assess it for some time currently, so forgive me if I go long. I had the satisfaction of beta screening it prior to its launch, and also it’s been among my favored bit gears since. In contrast to public assumption, it does not evaporate completely dry natural herbs. Yet it does not require that dual-use trick, anyhow. It deserves the high price for the bits alone.

A desire to strike

The Switch over includes 2 ceramic covered titanium induction heating system mugs that warm up quickly for delicious hits. The black one is planned for Fallen leave setting (natural herbs), while the white one is for Oil setting (focuses). They equal, besides shade, so do not hesitate to utilize either for oils. Bits uniformly steam off all-time low, as opposed to gathering in the edges. When it’s time to tidy up, the Switch over has a cleansing setting for the mugs. From bit to cleaning, the Switch over is really simple to utilize.

Connoisseurs will certainly like the scrumptious add-on mugs with inserts made from ceramic, sapphire, quartz and also SiC (Silicon Carbide). The costs mugs are messier and also tidy up like typical at-home bit gears, with q-tips, deep soaks, and also burn-offs. While the preference was much better on the costs mugs, I discovered myself making use of the supply mugs one of the most – they’re a wind to utilize!

Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer Induction Cups
Imagined from entrusted to right: Silicon Carbide (SiC), Supply White Porcelain, Supply Black Ceramic, Sapphire, Smooth Porcelain

Crazy battery life

Dr. Dabber declares as much as 150 bits on a solitary fee and also, while we really did not obtain anywhere near that insurance claim in our screening, the Switch over battery life is still best in course by a lengthy mile. While 150 bits on a solitary fee may be mathematically feasible on the most affordable power setups, real life usage will certainly be a lot various. We ran a battery completely dry, making use of just the center temperature level for bits with the basic mugs, and also obtained 96 cycles prior to it closed down. Yet that lacked any type of cleansing cycles, a need that would certainly run the battery down quicker.

We after that placed the Switch over via an extra “real life” battery examination, making use of just the supply mugs, however with any type of temperature level we seemed like at the time. Throughout a couple of days we took 48 bits and also ran 11 cleansing cycles prior to it collapsed. We normally balanced a cleansing cycle every 4 or 5 bits. The Switch over is constructed to run all the time, and also when the battery goes out, you can still utilize it while it credits complete in around thirty minutes.

Warms up in secs

The Switch over is quickly. Transform it on, pack a bit, and also press the switch. 10 secs later on you’ll be deep right into your bit. The supply mugs are constructed for torment, warming up swiftly over and also over once again consistently. We’ll chat a little bit extra regarding the costs mugs later on, however they swab in a different way. They warm up slower (as long as 20 secs) and also are much less effective, however taste divine.

I like “chilly lots” bits, when I pack the mug prior to transforming on the warm. Yet the Switch over jobs equally as well with “warm lots” bits. Simply transform the warm on, wait on it to transform eco-friendly, and also swiftly pack your concentrate.

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Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer Green Light

Sector leading technology

Induction home heating isn’t simply a buzzword when it involves the Switch over. It’s what establishes it apart. Induction modifications every little thing from the warm up time, to battery life, performance, safety and security and also longevity. The Switch over instantaneously strikes constant temperature levels, uniformly steams focuses, and also securely cools without burning. Yet the very best component may be the longevity of the induction mugs.

Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer Loading
Going down an induction mug right into the Switch over glass well.

Sturdy layout

In the beginning look, the Switch over may look delicate with the glass bubbler hanging off away, however resilient advancement exists within. The large glass leading hides a deep well that holds the mugs, and also warms them up. Various other bit gears utilize delicate ceramic mugs and also slim cords to warm up, however the Switch over ditches all that for resilient, titanium mugs that amazingly warm up via the glass well. The only point you need to need to change is any type of mistakenly damaged glass.

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Nobody else is also trying this type of modern technology. The Switch over is means in advance of the remainder of the market, and also will certainly have a long service life.

Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer Glass Well
An appearance deep right into the Switch over’s well.

Numerous temperature levels and also choices

Choose a bit, any type of bit! Out of package, the Switch over prepares with 5 temperature levels for swabbing. Yet if you dig a little much deeper, you’ll uncover 25 choices from 300 ° F to 800 ° F in 20 level increments (150 ° C to 425 ° C) In between the supply mugs and also the costs mugs, there are more than 100 feasible mixes, each with its very own personality. This does not also think about the different completely dry natural herb temperature level range, with its very own 25+ temperature levels setups. Yet that’s since we do not think about the Switch over a completely dry natural herb vape, and also you should not either.

Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer Cloud Shot

Not a completely dry natural herb vape

While the Switch over is among my favored means to swab, it’s unfulfilling, at best, with completely dry natural herbs. The initial hits from a mug are hardly recognizable, and also swiftly rely on a mix of vapor and also smoke that will not taste great to any individual that’s evaporated in the past. Do not succumb to the advertising and marketing. You need to just purchase the Switch over for bits.

If you’re scheduling for a completely dry natural herb vape, we have actually obtained great deals of excellent ones that enhance the Switch over well. If anything, Fallen leave Setting on the Switch over is a struck with cigarette smokers. It’s powerful and also extra effective than cigarette smoking. If your concept of paradise is bits and also smokes, quit checking out and also purchase a Switch over currently! Get hold of an added bubbler, as well, so you can change in between oils and also natural herbs without infecting your bits with the solid, smokey preference.

Mobile however large

If you wish for something that’s simple to appeal the go, like the Puffco Optimal, the Switch over isn’t it. It’s battery powered and also mobile, however stands at 13″ high, or two times the dimension of various other e-rigs. The Switch over is extra similar to at-home bit gears with large glass bubblers, digital controllers and also cords, and also in this context it radiates. It’s even more portable, without any revealed locations, and also I can stroll throughout your house with it with no troubles. The Switch over product packaging functions as a lugging instance, for those times I wish to power somebody else’s event. So while it’s mobile with excellent battery life, I do not anticipate to see it on several coastlines or coming with any type of pet dog strolls.

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Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer Puffco Peak Vaporizer Size Comparison
The Switch over is two times the dimension of the Puffco Optimal and also various other e-rigs.

Enjoyable light program

Some may see the Switch over light program as unneeded, and also perhaps even a battery drainpipe, however I like it. I imply, why not? If I can have a terrific vape, or a terrific vape that is enjoyable to take a look at, I’ll take the last. It has 25 light choices from strong shades to blinking rainbows, that are a sign in darker areas. Among the choices is a stealth setting, when you do not wish to attract interest. Mine is constantly on!

Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer Rainbow lights
The Switch over light programs can be enchanting!

Cleansing and also cool settings

As soon as you have actually swabbed a number of times in the supply mugs they will certainly obtain dark, suggesting it’s time to tidy. Keep in the “+” switch till a couple of secs after it strikes the highest possible temperature level, blinks red, and also begins home heating. Allow it run a complete cycle, and afterwards provide it time to cool.

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When doing numerous back-to-back bits, the Switch over can get in cool setting to safeguard the inner wiring. Do not anger, it’s maintaining you from spoiling your $400 vape! It will certainly begin blinking blue till it’s done. Allow it complete. If you transform it off prior to it’s done, it will certainly begin the cool procedure once again when you power it back up. The Switch over will certainly get in cool setting quicker, and also cool much longer, if you utilize the self-cleaning setting, or the costs mugs in Quartz Setting.

The routine

Every vape has its very own procedure that can either attract you right into the “routine”, or irritate it. The Switch over routine fasts and also straightforward, and also obtains you back to whatever you were doing. A regular Switch over session resembles this:

  • For a cool lots, location your concentrate in your induction mug.
  • Transform the Turn on (toggle left), and also pick your temperature level.
  • Utilize the reverse activity tweezers to go down the mug right into the glass well, and also cover with the carbohydrate cap.
  • Struck the Go switch, wait on the light to transform from red to eco-friendly, and also begin your hit.
  • If you desire, turn the carbohydrate cap throughout your hit.
  • Complete when you have actually had sufficient, or when it breaks.
  • Establish it apart and also return later on for even more.

Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer

Superb upgrades

Dr. Dabber is a group favored when it involves adorning. The Switch over includes 2 ceramic covered induction mugs and also a glass accessory with a tree-style percolator. Dr. Dabber on a regular basis launches brand-new Switch over glass add-ons, and also we examined the Round Add-on. The pulls really felt extra unstable, however in a comforting means, and also I like it.

Costs induction mugs make a huge distinction. The Smooth Porcelain Induction Mug vapes a little slower than the supply mugs, however preferences much better. The various other 3 costs mugs (Quartz, Sapphire, SiC) vape significantly slower with substantial preference upgrades. The Switch over has a different temperature level range (Crystal setting) that warms up slower for the costs mugs, and also none of the costs mugs collaborate with the Switch over’s cleansing setting.

Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer Premium Induction Cups
The costs induction mugs. Quartz not envisioned.

One of the most essential upgrade is to the carbohydrate cap. I consider it vital, and also want the basic package featured one. The consisted of carbohydrate cap isn’t directional, which suggests you can not press the air better right into the well, for thicker hits. Fortunately is the Bubble Cap is the most inexpensive of the Switch over upgrades, at just $19.99. I invested a lot of my time with the Sundown Directional Carbohydrate Cap ($ 100), and also it was well worth it.

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Easy upkeep

Routine upkeep come down to a fast clean of the carbohydrate cap and also glass well with an alcohol disinfecting clean. The Switch over cleanses the supply mugs for you. Saturate the glass accessory in isopropyl alcohol whenever it fits you. That has to do with it – truly simple.

We will certainly cover this better in our Cleansing & & Upkeep Overview coming quickly, however the costs mugs need normal swabbing and also alcohol soaks.

Quick suggestions

If you’re brand-new to swabbing, go sluggish with all the attributes. Beginning with the basic setting and also check out all 5 temperature levels. After that you can go on to some even more refined modifications with the Advanced Setting temperature levels.

Purchase a directional carbohydrate cap prior to obtaining exceptional mugs, as they make every hit much better.

Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer Directional Carb Cap
Directional Carbohydrate Cap

If it seems like your Switch over is damaged, see to it the induction mug is inside the well. The Switch over will not warm up without it ready. We’ll dive much deeper in our Idea Overview.

That’s the Dr. Dabber Switch Over for?

In a great deal of means, the Switch over is the supreme bit gear. Yes, it allows, and also you’re mosting likely to pay a great deal for it. Yet it solutions a lot of troubles. Damaged atomizers do not exist with the supply mugs. Beginning your bits in 5 secs from a cool begin. Going after treasured tastes? The costs mugs deserve it.

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Your buddies will not melt themselves. As well as talking buddies, welcome them throughout for bits (when it’s secure), since the Switch over can power any type of event. The battery life is crazy, reenergizes are brief, and also it swabs while billing!

Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer and Induction Cups

That’s the Switch over except?

If you’re searching for a tiny vape, relocate along. The Switch over is larger than virtually any type of vape I have actually seen, for bits or completely dry natural herbs. Mobile, yes. Run around community, no.

It’s additionally a high valued vape, beginning at $400 for the standard package. Include at the very least an additional $20 for a brand-new carbohydrate cap. The gear I struck a lot of the moment is $700 after a brand-new glass accessory, directional carbohydrate cap, and also a costs induction mug.

Our take

The Switch over vaporizer isn’t brand-new to the marketplace, however it’s still misinterpreted, mainly as a result of the Fallen leave Setting. If you like to swab and also smoke, after that this is the vape for you. If you desire a top-shelf bit gear, this is the one I grab usually. If you wish to evaporate completely dry natural herbs, obtain another thing.

A lot of my favored vaporizers are delicate, need an area to establish, and also are connected to a wall surface. The Switch over makes it simple to share my favored bits, and also take them throughout your house. As well as do not take too lightly the technology in this point. It seems like it will certainly be dishing out bits years from currently.

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