Discussing the USPS Vape Mail Rules (March 22nd Due Date!)


Recently, the American Vaping Organization partnered with the Customer Supporters for Smoke-Free Alternatives Organization to provide a webinar on just how and also why both customers and also organizations need to reply to the USA Post office’s vape mail policies.

With the due date for remarks turning up on Monday, March 22nd at 11:59 pm Eastern, we are launching both the webinar video clip and also our draft remarks develop for company stakeholders. Companies need to do not hesitate to utilize as much or as little of our example letter as you want. Please make certain to modify the letter to fill out your info! (If you are a customer of vaping items, CASAA has actually made it easy and also very easy for you to both documents a remark and also call your chosen authorities in Congress.)

Send your remarks through e-mail currently!

Send by mail or supply composed remarks to the Supervisor, Item Category, UNITED STATE Post Office, 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Area 4446, Washington, DC 20260-3436. Email remarks, including the name and also address of the Commenter, might be sent out to: PCFederalRegister @ void usps.gov, with a subject line of “E-Cigarette Restrictions.”


Day of Remark Entry, 2021


475 L’Enfant Plaza, S.W.

Washington, DC 20260-3436

Re: Therapy of E-Cigarettes in the Mail

Draft Remarks Detail on USPS Rulemaking on Therapy of E-Cigarettes in the Mail

I compose today relating to the February 19, 2021 recommended modification to the USA Post Office (USPS) Magazine 52, Hazardous, Restricted, and also Perishable Mail, to integrate the Avoiding Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Kid Act (the “DEAL Act”), which was gone by Congress and also authorized by the Head of state in December of 2020. In modifying the meaning of “cigarette” to consist of “digital pure nicotine distribution systems,” or FINISHES, USPS is currently confronted with restricting and also managing the mailability of a brand-new group of items in government law.

[Who Are You? If you would like, share information on your business, the number of people you employ, any tax data, or relevant information about you and your business.]

DEAL Act Secures B2B Mailability and also Broad Service Purposes Exemption for Legal ENDS

The clear Legislative intent of the DEAL Act was to make ENDS based on the exact same USPS mailability restrictions and also exemptions for cigarettes, roll-your-own cigarette, and also chewing tobacco laid out in 1716E of Title 18, UNITED STATE Code, which was established on March 31, 2010. While USPS was compelled to leave the business-to-consumer market for the delivery of many cigarette items over 10 years earlier, exemptions were produced for business-to-business delivery. Especially, USPS presently allows deliveries in between signed up and also accredited tobacco-related organizations for company functions. This exemption must proceed for ENDS under the DEAL Act and also upon implementation of this Last Policy.

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Sellers, such as the greater than 4,000 “vape stores” in America, undergo a vast array of company licenses and also regulative sales licenses that make sure USPS is currently in a setting to swiftly confirm any type of and also all ENDS deliveries in between organizations are covered by the existing business-to-business delivery exemption approved to typical cigarette companies.

While couple of if any type of significant cigarette business have actually made use of business objective exemption to the nonmailibility of cigarettes subjugate the last years, their distinct company design has actually made certain that dependence on the USPS for the presence of a lawful and also controlled market has actually not been required. The exact same might not hold true for completion market, which is being threatened by the exiting of almost all personal usual service providers such as FedEx, DHL, and also UPS in between currently and also April 5 for both business-to-business and also business-to-consumer sales.

The rejection of FedEx, DHL, and also UPS to service this market makes it even more crucial that USPS protect and also change all lawful delivery alternatives in between validated organizations.

[Briefly share your business story on the importance of maintaining USPS as a carrier of ENDS to and from your business by other licensed businesses. If you have experience or knowledge, explain the importance of a reliable carrier like USPS efficiently handling and shipping ENDS between distributors and retailers across the country given the exit of FedEx and UPS from the market.]

Streamline, Digitize, and also Streamline the B2B Exemption Refine

Offered the considerable variety of organizations that might currently concern count on USPS as a lawful provider for ENDS under business functions exemption, I prompt you to streamline the exemption procedure to make sure that there are no considerable interruptions out there for organizations looking for to offer grown-up cigarette smokers with reduced danger choices to cigarettes. A large range of organizations will certainly require more advice on the exemption authorization procedure and also the details info needed to get authorization to use USPS as a provider of ENDS for company functions. Preferably, this info would certainly be readily available online prior to the last policy enters into result to provide organizations ample time to look for exemptions under the existing allowed scenarios approved under law and also existing technique.

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There are greater than 10,000 FINISHES organizations in the USA that might require exemptions approved under this procedure, making it crucial not just for organizations that there is clearness and also simpleness to the procedure however additionally the USPS too. In the lack of a last policy, the USPS will certainly decline applications from these organizations now. This intimidates to produce a large logjam when the last policy really is released. The USPS has to generate a service to make sure that lawful organizations aren’t locked out from lawful delivery alternatives for months or years.

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One method USPS can streamline the exemption procedure would certainly be digitizing not just the details company needs however additionally the exemption application itself. By publishing the required licenses and also company declaring records online, USPS would certainly have accessibility to validated organizations throughout the country, making certain that there are not unneeded hold-ups in the delivery procedure for ENDS organizations. This on-line website can additionally be made use of by candidate organizations to confirm the condition of an authorization for using USPS as a delivery supplier of ENDS in a prompt fashion.

Offered the continuous nationwide stress and also budget plan restraints of USPS, streamlining the ENDS business-to-business distribution procedure remains in every person’s benefit, especially if innovation can decrease manhours needed to procedure and also deal with brand-new needs for countless organizations delivering upwards of numerous numerous bucks well worth of items throughout the nation.

[Share your perspective on the importance of ease for the business purposes exception to shipping ENDS through USPS, including your support for making the application itself and application status available online. Include information on the importance of certainty and clarity about how you can obtain an exception to the general nonmailability of ENDS between businesses.]

Better, USPS must change the existing company functions exemption procedure to line up with the slim prescription for restrictions by Congress for the delivery of ENDS. 18 U.S.C. § 1716E( b)( 3 )( B) does not call for “share mail, hold for pick-up solutions” for ENDS shipments, as an example, and also such a required will certainly produce an unnecessary problem on both ENDS organizations and also USPS workers country wide. This choice is immensely pricey and also sends out the signal to organizations that USPS does not desire their company.

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Conversely, USPS must approve the authorized company functions exemption paperwork, confirm that a recipient is a covered and also authorized certified company recipient of FINAL RESULT, and also permit mailings with both the USPS pick-up and also drop-off system in position for various other USPS-handled plans. Extra concerns will certainly produce migraines for the USPS framework while unnecessarily elevating expenses for organizations.

Value of Grownup Customer Accessibility to Legal ENDS Under Testimonial by FDA

E cigarettes and also pure nicotine vapor items are substantially much less hazardous than flammable cigarettes. Varying from the Royal University of Physicians and also Public Wellness England to the National Academies of Sciences, Design, and also Medication, the worldwide agreement on vaping is that grown-up cigarette smokers that make the button are substantially minimizing their dangers of cancer cells, health problem, and also condition.

[Share any story you might have of an adult smoker relying on ENDS you sell to successfully quit smoking.]

In 2019, the FDA’s Facility for Cigarette Products Supervisor Mitch Zeller shared considerable problems over the prospective outflux of organizations that supply FINISHES to grown-up cigarette smokers, saying that such a scenario would adversely impact public wellness if grownups that vaped were compelled to go back to cigarettes. His statement is true in this existing environment, with lawful ENDS organizations encountering considerable restrictions on their capacity to supply items to various other organizations and also customers.

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[Share any information on what would happen if you could only receive or ship a limited number of your products. Would a reduction in available products harm your consumers? Would some of them go back to smoking? Share any real anecdotes.]

Thanks for thinking about these crucial problems.


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