CBD vs. Kava: Which is Higher & How Do They Evaluate?


What’s Kava?

Kava is a plant originating from numerous islands within the pacific ocean. The roots of the kava plant are ready as a tea and consumed in teams for each social and ceremonial functions.

Ingesting kava doesn’t make you are feeling excessive, and it doesn’t make you are feeling drunk. Nonetheless, it does have delicate qualities of each.

In greater doses, kava is euphoric and enjoyable. You are feeling comfy and content material. Kava may also make you are feeling talkative and social. This distinctive mixture of results makes it a well-liked different choice to alcohol and marijuana in social settings.

There are direct therapeutic results of kava as effectively — primarily for managing nervousness and insomnia. It really works by way of an analogous set of mechanisms as prescription sedatives and anxiolytics for this software, solely a lot much less addictive.

The results of kava embody:

  • It makes you are feeling extra social & talkative
  • It eliminates stresses & anxieties operating behind your thoughts
  • It creates a way of buoyancy & peace of thoughts
  • In greater doses it will probably make you are feeling sleepy & sedated
  • It relaxes the physique & makes you are feeling extra comfy
  • It permits extra free-flowing thought & creativity
  • It may possibly make the physique really feel lighter or heavier

It promotes socializing & a way of camaraderie

Comparability: CBD vs. Kava

We’ve coated CBD at-length in a number of different articles. To sum it up, CBD is without doubt one of the lively elements within the cannabis plant. It’s non-psychoactive (doesn’t make you excessive) and works by regulating the endocannabinoid system. This technique is concerned with dozens of key capabilities within the human physique — which is what permits CBD to supply so many widespread and seemingly unrelated well being advantages.

Total, CBD gives many extra advantages than kava. It’s a robust immunomodulator, anti-inflammatory, painkiller, and anti-epileptic — none of which is obtainable in any important provide by kava.

Likewise, kava has a couple of methods up its sleeve which can be totally exterior the realm of prospects for CBD. It’s used as an alternative choice to alcohol, as a device for religious growth, and as a euphoriant — none of which CBD can provide.

There are additionally a couple of areas the place CBD and kava share a number of overlap — particularly across the administration of hysteria, insomnia, and temper issues.

Fast View: Evaluating CBD & Kava

 Metrics CBD (Cannabidiol) Kava Kava
Main Advantages Analgesic
Lively Elements CBD
Security Confirmed secure in excessive doses & long-term use Solely secure throughout the beneficial dosage vary
Dose 2–50 mg CBD per dose 70–300 mg kavalactones per dose
Psychoactive Results None Gentle psychoactive results
Legality Authorized in most elements of the world Authorized in most elements of the world
The way it Works Regulates the endocannabinoid systemRegulates the TRPV receptors Regulates dopamine, serotonin, & glutamate functionIncreases GABA exercise

1. Advantages & Medicinal Functions

Each CBD and kava have a number of medicinal worth backed by scientific proof. Let’s cowl the first areas each of those substances provide their results, and which complement is taken into account the best choice for every.

A) Ache Aid

Winner: CBD

CBD is, by far, the higher analgesic of the 2. Whereas kava does provide some ache help, particularly for managing ache particular to the muscular tissues, it’s nowhere close to as dependable as CBD.

There have been a whole lot of particular person research at this level supporting the consequences of CBD for ache, which give us an excellent understanding of the way it works and what its limitations are.

CBD works to dam ache in three key methods:

  • It prompts the vanilloid ache receptors to mute the ache sign earlier than it reaches the mind
  • It interrupts the inflammatory course of — successfully stopping the ache on the supply
  • It promotes quicker restoration of broken tissues within the physique — once more, stopping ache on the supply

Kava solely actually helps with ache in a method — by forcing muscular tissues to chill out. Whereas this does assist with ache, it solely actually impacts people who find themselves experiencing ache triggered by, or perpetuated by muscle rigidity.

B) Nervousness Aid

Winner: Kava

Each kava and CBD are efficient for nervousness. These results have been supported many instances over all through rigorous scientific testing.

Nonetheless, kava is undeniably stronger on this regard. It has a smaller scope of results in comparison with CBD, however the areas it does goal are typically a lot stronger.

One such space of focus is on the GABA receptors — which might be considered the “brake pedal” for the nervous system. Activating GABA is like stepping on the brake, successfully slowing all the things down to keep up better management.

GABA is important for stopping or reversing what we expertise as nervousness. So kavas capacity to extend GABA exercise is what makes it efficient for blocking or managing nervousness.

This is identical mechanism of motion pharmaceuticals like Xanax or Klonopin use to exert their results. The first software of those medication is for assuaging nervousness.

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CBD additionally targets GABA, however with a lot much less pressure. You want a considerably greater dose of CBD to realize the identical results as a comparatively small dose of kava.

C) Sleep Help

Winner: Kava

Right here’s one other win for kava, however not by any important margins. Each CBD and kava are extremely efficient for bettering our capacity to go to sleep and keep asleep.

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Kava is the winner within the class of sleep-support for a similar cause it received within the nervousness class. Its better impression on GABA makes it higher for all types of psychological inhibition — which incorporates selling and sustaining sleep.

Animal research have proven that kava extracts provide a dramatic enchancment within the complete period of sleep (typically by as a lot as 45%), in addition to the depth of sleep (as measured by delta wave exercise throughout non-REM deep sleep).

CBD additionally makes it simpler to go to sleep and has been proven to extend the overall period — however to not the identical extent as kava.

D) Epilepsy & Seizures

Winner: CBD

CBD is the clear winner right here. There have already been a number of scientific trials on this interplay with unimaginable outcomes. CBD has been proven to supply dramatic enhancements within the frequency and depth of epileptic seizures even when no different remedy proved efficient. It’s additionally been proven to be efficient for canine affected by seizure issues.

Kava has been reported to scale back epileptic seizures as effectively, however there have by no means been any human research on this impact so far. It’s believed that kavas capacity to extend GABA exercise, regulate dopamine and serotonin, and promote muscle-relaxation might help sufferers affected by seizure issues. Nonetheless, with none scientific proof, we are able to’t bounce to any cheap conclusions right here.

E) Irritation

Winner: CBD

There are few pure dietary supplements as efficient for lowering irritation as CBD. It is because it really works by focusing on over a dozen particular person mechanisms to manage irritation of various varieties.

CBD targets inflammation-regulating enzymes corresponding to COX and LOX. It additionally blocks particular person immunoglobulins, helps stabilize mast cells, and buffers the immune system to stop or scale back auto-immune-mediated irritation on the supply.

Kava has been proven to scale back sure sorts of irritation, however on no account does it examine to the reliability and energy of CBD on this regard.

F) Temper Issues

Winner: Quick-term kava, long-term CBD

This impact is way more break up. Each CBD and kava are promising pure antidepressant candidates, however they work by way of very totally different mechanisms.

Kava is euphoric — which suggests it stimulates sure receptors within the mind (specifically, serotonin and dopamine) that trigger a shift in temper in direction of pleasure. In primary phrases, it makes you are feeling blissful. Due to this fact, kava gives direct reduction from signs of despair or low temper.

The catch is that these results disappear as soon as the kava wears off. You’ll have to preserve taking kava to maintain producing these results. Quick-term, kava is a wonderful possibility. This might contain durations of non permanent or incident-specific temper points, corresponding to having a “notably unhealthy day” or after a loss of life or different traumatic incident. Kava isn’t an excellent possibility for long-term mood-support as a result of it doesn’t resolve the underlying concern.

CBD is way much less euphoric. In truth, it doesn’t provide a lot euphoria in any respect. Solely CBD merchandise that include THC (the psychoactive ingredient) provide any immediately euphoric advantages.

Nonetheless, CBD has been proven to supply highly effective antidepressant exercise. It does so by way of separate mechanisms.

As an alternative of forcing us to really feel blissful for a brief time frame, CBD works to manage neurochemistry within the mind over lengthy durations of time to realize a perfect steadiness in our temper. It additionally fights irritation within the mind that has a powerful correlation to despair.

CBD doesn’t provide fast-relief for despair; it will probably take a number of weeks or months to begin to really feel these results. Nonetheless, as a substitute of managing signs, it really works to appropriate the underlying trigger. This makes CBD a a lot better possibility for power or long-term despair.

2. Lively Elements

The lively elements in kava and CBD share no resemblance — however there’s one exception.

Lively Elements in Kava

The lively elements in kava are a gaggle of compounds referred to as kavalactones. There are 18 of those compounds, however solely 6 of them make up about 96% of the overall kavalactone content material of the plant:

  • Desmethoxyyangonin
  • Dihydrokavain
  • Yangonin
  • Kavain
  • Dihydromethysticin
  • Methysticin

Not one of the kavalactones in kava bear any resemblance structurally to the cannabinoids present in hemp or marijuana. Nonetheless, one among them — yangonin — does work together with the CB2 endocannabinoid receptors to exert its results.

There are a number of lively elements in hemp extract — the first ingredient is, after all, CBD.

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It’s doable to purchase merchandise that include pure CBD (CBD isolates), however most specialists agree full-spectrum hemp extracts that include all the opposite plant chemical compounds manufactured by the hemp plant is way more efficient general.

There are two teams of lively elements within the hemp plant — cannabinoids and terpenes.

The primary cannabinoids in hemp embody:

The primary terpenes in hemp embody:

  • Alpha-Bisabolol
  • Caryophyllene
  • Eucalyptol
  • Geraniol
  • Humulene
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Myrcene
  • Ocimene
  • Pinene

Every of those lively elements has its personal attribute set of results. All of them work collectively to supply the general impact profile of the herb. This synergy is known as the entourage impact.

Each kava and hemp have their very own equal of the entourage impact. The entire particular person results of the lively elements work collectively to supply the general outcomes. Totally different strains of every plant could have totally different ratios of every lively ingredient — and subsequently have barely totally different qualities. Some strains are extra sedative; others are extra stimulating. Some strains are higher for ache; others are higher for nervousness.

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3. Security

Each hemp (CBD) and kava are thought of to be very secure herbs, even in excessive doses.

With that mentioned, each can result in side-effects if utilized in excessive doses or together with different medication, dietary supplements, or medicines.

Aspect Results

The unintended effects of CBD are typically very delicate. The most typical facet impact is fatigue or sedation — which some would even think about a profit.

Different unintended effects of CBD embody:

  • Nausea
  • Lethargy
  • Complications
  • Dizziness (low blood strain)
  • Low motivation
  • Lack of urge for food

The unintended effects of kava might be extra extreme and are extra frequent than with CBD. Sure cultivars of kava (tudei varieties) are more likely to supply adverse unintended effects. At all times search for noble varieties, that are unlikely to trigger probably the most uncomfortable unintended effects.

You also needs to watch out to stay throughout the beneficial dose when consuming kava to additional scale back the possibilities of experiencing unintended effects.

Uncomfortable side effects of kava embody:

  • Nausea
  • Lethargy
  • Drunkenness (tudei varieties)
  • Dizziness
  • Sensation that the room is spinning
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Lack of urge for food

Potential For Habit

Each herbs might be addictive in prone people. This isn’t as a result of both of those crops are extremely addictive on their very own — it’s due to the enhancements they provide folks for circumstances like power ache, nervousness, or insomnia.

When somebody finds reduction from one thing that makes them really feel unhappy or uncomfortable by both utilizing a substance or doing a selected exercise (corresponding to binge-eating, playing, or procuring), they will grow to be hooked on that exercise.

Each CBD and kava have legit medicinal advantages — which might lead folks to grow to be hooked on the advantages they provide. That is known as behavioral dependancy.

One other sort of dependancy known as bodily dependancy. Such a dependancy takes an extended period of time to seem however is way tougher to eliminate. What’s occurring right here is that repeated doses of a substance trigger the physique to make modifications to the goal receptors of that substance. We then begin to depend upon utilizing that substance to keep up steadiness. With out it, we don’t have sufficient exercise at that receptor, resulting in withdrawal signs.

Each CBD and kava can result in bodily dependence and dependancy.

Thankfully, it takes a very long time for this to happen. It’s a lot simpler to cease utilizing them for durations of time to permit the physique to reset.

Extremely addictive substances like heroin, Xanax, or cocaine are thought of way more addictive as a result of they trigger the physique to grow to be dependent in a brief time frame.

4. Dosages

The dose of CBD and kava can every range extensively. If we isolate every of the lively elements down, it’s simpler to check the dose. When utilizing both of the uncooked crops (hemp vs. kava), the dose can change relying on the energy of the plant, the tactic of consumption, and elements like your weight and tolerance.

The standard dose of CBD is round 20 mg, taken as soon as, twice, or 3 times per day. Nonetheless, this could range from individual to individual. Some discover an efficient dose as little as 3 mg; others want 75 mg to get the specified degree of results. Use our CBD dosage calculator to search out an approximate dose in your physique.

The standard dose of kava is round 10 grams of uncooked root powder or the equal dose of round 140 or 210 mg pure kavalactones. Some roots include solely 3% kavalactones, others as much as 20% — so the dose can range considerably from one root to the subsequent. Most kava has round 8% and gives an honest degree of results at 10-gram doses. It’s possible you’ll want to switch with somewhat extra or rather less when you’re conversant in how sturdy the kava you’re utilizing is.

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5. Psychoactive Results

Neither CBD nor kava is taken into account psychoactive as a result of they don’t make you are feeling excessive or drunk. Your thoughts stays totally coherent and clear even with very excessive doses.

Nonetheless, each trigger a delicate change in psychological state. The results of CBD and kava really feel surprisingly comparable to one another on this regard.

Each herbs make your thoughts really feel relaxed, mild, and peaceable. They scale back a number of the noise in your head pushed by nervousness or stress — which doesn’t make you excessive per se — but it surely definitely modifications your thought course of. You might say that every of those herbs makes you are feeling as if you’re “floating.”

In contrast to one another, kava is way stronger in these results. After consuming kava for an hour or so, the change in psychological state turns into exhausting to disclaim. CBD is way more delicate, and most of the people don’t even discover it till somebody factors it out.

Kava additionally has one other layer of results by way of its capacity to induce euphoria. Some think about this a excessive — however your thoughts stays clear and uninhibited.

Kava and hemp have a historical past of being misunderstood by regulators. They’ve each been banned and unbanned through the years. Some elements of the world nonetheless ban one or the opposite (or each).

Total, kava has extra leniency when it comes to laws. It’s extra frequent for kava to be authorized than CBD.

At the moment, kava is authorized in most elements of the world, except the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, and the UK. You possibly can order kava in most different nations, both domestically or on-line. Some locations ban the sale of the herb however enable it’s use, so it’s important to order it on-line from exterior the nation. Others allow each the sale and use of the plant.

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The laws for CBD are very comparable. It’s authorized in most elements of the world so long as it’s made particularly from the hemp plant. Hemp is differentiated from marijuana on a authorized degree by the quantity of THC every plant makes. Hemp makes virtually no THC (lower than 0.3%), whereas marijuana is taken into account any cannabis plant that makes greater than this quantity.

There are additionally many nations that let the usage of CBD merchandise however solely with the advice from a health care provider.

7. Price Per Dose

The price of kava and CBD range extensively relying on the standard, the kind of merchandise, and the nation you’re in.

With that mentioned, right here’s a basic breakdown of the price of every to place them into perspective:

Product Kind CBD (Cannabidiol) Kava Kava
Concentrated Extract $0.80 per Dose $1.25 – $2.50 per dose
Tinctures (Common Efficiency) $2.00–$4.00 per Dose $0.60 – $2.50 per Dose
Uncooked Herb $1.00–$3.00 per Dose $2.50–$5.50 per Dose
Capsules $2.25–$4.50 per Dose $2.00–$4.00 per Dose

Can I Combine CBD With Kava?

You possibly can combine CBD and kava collectively, however there are some things you want to remember to do it safely.

The primary factor to contemplate is that among the results of those two substances overlap one another. This implies taking each on the similar time is prone to produce a lot stronger results general.

For instance, each CBD and kava have sedative results. When taken collectively, you could begin to really feel the sedative motion at a a lot decrease dose of every substance than anticipated. The identical can occur in different areas as effectively — corresponding to their results on blood strain, blood sugar, and urge for food.

Normally, it’s higher to make use of only one or the opposite, however in case you’re dead-set on combining the 2, achieve this slowly and intentionally. Begin with a low dose of every and enhance regularly over time when you’re conversant in how they have an effect on you. Don’t go off another person’s expertise right here both; all people is exclusive and can reply in another way.

The primary side-effects to be careful for with this mixture are sedation and low blood strain — which might make you are feeling dizzy or lightheaded. In extreme circumstances, it could even trigger you to faint. You’ll positively need to keep away from this.

Remaining Ideas: CBD vs. Kava — Which is Higher?

There’s no apparent “winner” or “loser” out of this matchup. Each herbs have a number of advantages to supply and are each nice choices general.

CBD is extra versatile, providing advantages on ache, irritation, insomnia, nervousness, despair, epilepsy, and a lot extra.

Kava is extra particular for nervousness or sleep however tends to be stronger in these areas.

Neither herb is harmful, however in case you’re frightened about side-effects, CBD is a barely higher possibility.

When it comes to the fee for every dose, there’s no clear winner. Each CBD and kava are very comparable of their general price. The most cost effective possibility is to go for CBD concentrates or a easy CBD oil.

In the end, it comes all the way down to your physique and your particular person choice. It helps to attempt each dietary supplements to see what works greatest for you.


The statements made regarding these merchandise haven’t been evaluated by the Meals and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these merchandise has not been confirmed by FDA-approved evaluation. These merchandises are often not meant to diagnose, cope with, treatment, or forestall any sickness. All knowledge discovered proper right here won’t be meant as another choice to or totally different from knowledge from well-being care practitioners. Please search the recommendation of your well-being care expert about potential interactions or totally different attainable points sooner than using any product. The Federal Meals, Drug and Magnificence Act requires this discovery.

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